Widespread - guar gum has many USES

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The research shows that guar gum can meet the requirement of zero emission in modern factories and is a promising environmental protection additive. Of course, different production methods can make it have different USES, specific USES, the following article for you to introduce.

Used as hair and skin conditioner, antistatic agent and thickener

Because of its nitrogen content average spread, more affinity than similar products, can be absorbed in the hair after flashing good antistatic and conditioning effects, improve the wet comb hair, make hair long period to maintain luster, soft and rich elasticity. Increasing the deposition of particles has synergistic effects with polymer silicone oil and anti-dandruff agent, and increases the firmness and firmness of foam. So apply to shampoo, conditioner.

Paper auxiliaries

Guar gum can meet the requirement of zero discharge in modern factories, and it can maintain or improve the evenness of paper while improving the retention and water filtration of paper.

Pharmaceutical auxiliaries

High salt and PH miscibility in the broad range of PH can rapidly expand and dissolve, even in the long salt content of the overall system, or maintain firm. Mildness is extremely gentle to the skin and eyes, and can reduce the very irritating appearance of surfactants in prescription dispensed products. And it has satisfactory compatibility, can be used in various surfactant products. The solubility of guar gum in cold and hot water is more experienced than that of others, and it does not produce clumps, which increases the convenience of production and production.

Used as food additive

Frozen: used for ice cream, cream medicine and frozen cake, etc., to maintain moisture, inhibit ice crystals and stabilizer.

Bento: it is used to make the surface easier, improve the flexibility of the surface, and master the oil content.

Baking: used in breads, breads and pastries as dough modifier to attract large members and extend the destruction period.

Dairy: maintain a sanitized texture in yogurt, jellies, and sauces.

Toppings and sauces: antacid in salad dressings, pickles and sauces and used as emulsifiers, guar gum's high viscosity in water-based filtrates is due to its presence in larger volumes of water and the entanglement of particular members.

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