GP participated in the 27th China International Paint Exhibition

With the end of the epidemic and the rapid economic recovery, the paint industry has also entered a period of restructuring. The prospects are becoming clearer and clearer. The spring breeze of market recovery will eventually favor everyone. On February 22, "The 27th China International Paint Exhibition CHINACOAT2022" was grandly opened in the exhibition hall A of Guangzhou Canton Fair.


GP Natural Products Co., Ltd. , as a leading raw material supplier in the coating industry, was invited to participate in the exhibition, and gathered with new and old customers to seek the development path of the industry. In the process of communication with customers, the customers highly valued the company's new generation of chlorine-free GMA and pure natural paint thickener. They believe that chlorine free GMA has solved the problem of high-end customers' requirements for environmental protection and anti-aging products, while natural coating thickener has reduced production costs for coating customers and increased product competitive advantages while ensuring natural pollution-free products. We believe that in the new year, we will be able to work together with new and old customers, forge ahead and create more brilliance!







Post time: 2023-02-28